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Complete las palabras que faltan.

1. Peter at 6:00am every day. (get up, gets up, getting up, is getting up)

2. You always when your angry. (shouted, shouts, shouting, shout)

3. When my children are hungry, I always feed . (they, their, them, her)

4. Carol work on Saturday? (Do, Does, Is, Was)

5. I didn't see Tom last night, but I his wife. (seed, seing, saw, see)

6. I here tomorrow. (be, am be, was, will be)

7. How milk do we need? (much, many, little, few)

8. Is that notebook ? (my, their, hers, your)

9. Please read the instructions . (careful, carefully, most careful, more careful)

10. The police officer told her she drive fast because it's dangerous. (mustn't, doesn't have to, has to, must)

11. I them since 2002. (saw, didn't see, don't see, haven't seen)

12. Where has she ? (gone,went, going, go)

13. I went to the party, and . (he did either, so he did, so did he, he did neither)

14. When are you going to stop ? (to eat, eating, to eating, eat)

15. By the time we got to the theater, the movie . (had started, is starting, started, has started)

16. Roger's bicycle was last night. (steal, stealed, stole, stolen)

17. I'm not sure who took the book. My brother .  (may, might have, could, mustn't)

18. Can you tell me when ? (they did leave, did they leave, did they left, they left)

19. If Howard had known it was going to snow, he his boots. (would have worn, would wear, can wear, will wear)

20. She sang that song last week, ? (does she, did she, didn't she, doesn't she)

Read the story and complete the statements.  

My name is Angela. 21. I work during the day and go school at night. 22. I as a cashier in a supermarket. 23. boss Manuel is very nice. 24. Everybody likes very much. I study computer programming at school. 25. I like to school aerly so I can study by 26. before class. 27. The class is difficult, so I study hard if 28. I do well. 29. After class friends and I usually go out for something to eat. 30. Last night we a restaurant 31. across from school. 32. We like to go there because the cheapest place in the neighborhood and 33. the food good. 34. I usually order coffee and a hamburger. 35. This restaurant has hamburgers in town!

Read the story and complete the statements.

Jenny and Jeff recently moved to an apartment in the city. 36. They have lived in their new apartment two weeks. 37. Before that they lived in a house in the country. 38 Since they moved into their new apartment, they busy. 39. Although they enjoy in the city, 40. they sometimes wish  they in the country. Yesterday Jenny received a birthday card. 41. It was by her friends Carl and Diane. Today is Jenny's birthday and she's sad. 42. If she were still living in the country, they a party. 43. Jenny told Jeff that she their old friends. 44. Jeff said he would . 45. I hope they home, said Jenny as Jeff dialed the number. 46. No one is answering, Jeff said. They must out. 47. Jeff called another friend, but he wasn't home . 48. Keep on , Jenny said. 49. Jeff called all their friends, but no one was home. I don't know where , said Jeff. 50. Suddenly they heard a knock. Jenny opened the door and saw Carl, Diane and all their other friends. We called, but we wanted to surprise you, said Diane. "Happy Birthday!"


0-10 = Nivel Esencial

11-20 = Nivel Académico

21-30 = Nivel Competitivo

31-45 = Nivel Laboral

46-50 = Se recomiendan niveles ejecutivos

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